We work closely with inventors to understand their inventions and with business leaders to understand their plans to commercialize those inventions. We then develop holistic strategies to protect investments made in researching, developing, and commercializing new technologies.

Patent searches
  • Patentability searches

  • Invalidity searches

  • Freedom-to-operate searches

  • Landscape searches

Patent preparation and filing
  • Preparation of U.S. utility patent applications

    • Provisional applications

    • Non-provisional applications

  • Preparation of U.S. design patent applications

  • Preparation of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications

Patent prosecution
  • Prosecution of U.S. applications

  • Prosecution of PCT applications

  • Management of foreign patent counsel

Patent counseling
  • Patent filing strategy

  • Patent prosecution strategy

  • Portfolio planning

  • Budgeting

Portfolio management
  • Patent docketing and reporting

  • Maintenance fee payments

Written opinions
  • Patentability opinions

  • Invalidity opinions

  • Noninfringement opinions

Patent acquisition and licensing
  • Due diligence

  • Licensing agreements